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Indigo Apparel Software is a standard ERP system that has been developed together with fashion experts. As a result, the functions within the software perfectly match the processes of the apparel industry. Of course, every apparel company – depending on its size and focus – works a little bit differently. To take this into account, we have designed Indigo to be completely modular. This has made it possible to tailor this software for footwear, accessories and apparel perfectly to your needs. Schon im ersten Gespräch finden wir heraus, worauf Sie Wert legen, welche Prozesse Sie mit Indigo unterstützen wollen – und damit, welche von unseren vielen cleveren Indigo-Modulen Sie wirklich benötigen. Wir passen Indigo exakt auf Ihre Bedürfnisse an!

Take your time to find out. If you still have questions, if you need individual advice, or if you would like to access the demo version of Indigo Fashion Software, then simply contact us.

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Article management incl. PDM

The charming and simple article management in the Indigo Fashion software: The data entered here is used again and again throughout the application – for example, for the collections and delivery programs or the provision of data for your online store or B2B portals. But don’t worry: even though you have a wide range of entry options for article management here, you don’t have to use everything, of course.

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customer management

Must not be missing in any fashion ERP system: Customer management provides you with the most important options for managing your customer and delivery addresses as the basis for all further work steps and processes. The principle: You create customer data, contact persons as well as locations and delivery addresses in a central place and use them again and again in the other Indigo modules.

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With the pre-order module you organize the pre-sale of your collection. During the collection presentation with your customers, the ordered quantities are documented here. With a few clicks, you then generate the orders to your suppliers based on the written orders.

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After your fashion articles have been ordered and delivered according to plan on the basis of the pre-order plus additional requirements estimates, the follow-up order is about entering orders or immediate orders and thus managing the sale. This is how you ensure the sales of your current collection (also in the sales phases).

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Sales Management

The optimal complement to Indigo Customer Management: Once you have created the customer structures and addresses, the next step in sales management is to maintain individual conditions. In addition – and especially important for the first sales phases – the CRM module can be used to document which sales activities have taken place for which customer. Appointment reminders, reminders and individual distribution lists – these are all functions that are a matter of course for modern fashion sales.

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Enterprise Resource Planning

The merchandise management module is very powerful, but due to the very well thought-out user guidance, it is not only perfectly usable in the enterprise environment:

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Depending on the customer priority (e.g. according to the contractual agreements), the notified goods receipts and finally the actually delivered goods are distributed to the customer orders according to the pre-order. This optimal preparation makes your logistics processes faster than ever and also always hits the mark with customers.

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Often indispensable for the enterprise environment: data exchange via EDI messages (EDIFACT/EANCOM). Whether DESADV or SLSRPT, for example – here we can generate or process all message types in consultation with your customers.

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The Indigo Mode software also shows its strength in returns management: With the simple recording of returns, the returns process is mapped as efficiently as possible. From the conditions negotiated individually with the customers, to the returns acceptance and quality evaluation, to the commercially meaningful evaluations and finally the returns settlement with the customer – with the Indigo Returns module you receive the best possible support so that you can still generate maximum profit from the returns.

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After the pre-order has been completed, the quantity discussion takes place and with it the final determination of which articles will be produced in which quantities. With this quantity structure, you can request the conditions and prices from your suppliers and store them in the Indigo Mode software for price comparison.

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Online shop connection

Imagine what it would be like if you could easily sell all your fashion and clothing items online via the Internet. Indigo Fashion software easily connects to almost any online store. No matter if Shopify or other portals like Tradebyte, JOOR or Smartview360. You simply determine the respective online collection and prices with Indigo – get started!

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