Depending on the customer priority (e.g. according to the contractual agreements), the notified goods receipts and finally the actually delivered goods are distributed to the customer orders according to the pre-order. This optimal preparation makes your logistics processes faster than ever and also always hits the mark with customers.



With Indigo’s pre-order module, you have already recorded the order quantities requested by your customers for the new collection. With this scheduling module, you can now easily generate the corresponding purchase orders (POs) with just a few clicks.


Pre-order/PO evaluation

Planning, evaluation

MRP planning has made it clear which of your customers can actually be supplied with the collection items ordered in the pre-order. However, it often happens that production capacities fall short of orders. In this case, with this clear comparison of target and actual, it is important for your sales department to enter into dialog with the customers again and actively inform them about the changes. Behind this is the opportunity to offer and deliver alternative articles and to optimize sales with the adjusted pre-order – and last but not least to achieve the best for the customer.

Of course, you could now cancel article colors in the delivery program so that no quantities are recorded for them in further orders.

Field Service Information


Of course, it must be the case that the sales force is also informed about the adjustments to the pre-order. On the corresponding pages of Indigo, which are intended for the field service, all this information is presented in a compact and clear manner. In this way, the sales force is what is expected of it: well informed. Only in this way is it possible to continue to act confidently in customer situations.



After receiving the goods from your suppliers, you can use the allocation module to allocate the goods to your customers or their orders according to customer priorities. A preview function shows you which scenario will result after the allocation. The allocation process itself takes only a few seconds – unlike our competitors.

High Speed Merchandise Management

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