After your fashion articles have been ordered and delivered according to plan in accordance with the pre-order plus additional requirements estimates, the follow-up order involves entering orders or immediate orders and thus managing the sale. In this way, you ensure the sales of your current collection (also in the sales phases). As a special feature, you can use the Indigo reorder module to ensure the sale of old stock and remnants via alternative sales channels. Do you perhaps run your own end-customer store on the Internet in parallel to your wholesale business? Or do you also want to offer your products via common online trade portals? Indigo makes all of this child’s play: various collection attributes allow you to have items appear wherever you want – and thus optimize your sales even in the discount/red price phases. The reorder module offers a variety of functionalities, which we present below.

Order entry


In coordination with your sales department, you can easily enter your orders here: For each order, simply select the customer, the articles and the desired quantity. Of course, you can assign ad hoc individually negotiated discounts here or access the customer conditions of the “Sales” module.

Inventory tracking


Elementary for sales control, for discounting or for special and one-time conditions is a perfect inventory tracking: When you work with Indigo Mode software, you will see how everything flows together here and how you can track the stocks of your collection items in a visually appealing and clear way. The special feature: You can also show the previous year’s development/sales figures for customers here. A must for modern sales management.

B2B Portal

Entry, data retrieval

In the Indigo Fashion software, a business customer portal (also B2B or “Business to Business” portal) is available to you and your customers. Via the customer management, you simply activate your customers for use if desired and they can already log on to the portal via the Internet. In this way, you can delegate certain processes directly to the customer or have your sales force use them directly at the customer’s premises.

This means, for example, that there is no need for the tedious entry of customer orders or pre- or post-orders by Excel or manually by fax: You already work in Indigo during the customer dialog, so all customer data is stored directly where it belongs. If your customers enter the data themselves, lean approval processes within Indigo enable rapid further processing. This makes your company extremely productive and professional.

By the way: It is also possible to connect to other B2B portals from third-party providers (e.g. JOOR or Smartview). Contact us!



Not only for large companies: Especially when you need to ensure that certain goods are delivered to your major customers on time, the unbeatable allocation console helps you. With just a few clicks, you can allocate the stocks to the orders that are still open.

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