Article management incl. PDM

The charming and simple article management in the Indigo Fashion software: The data entered here is used again and again throughout the application – for example, for the collections and delivery programs or the provision of data for your online store or B2B portals. But don’t worry: even though a wide range of data entry options are available to you here for article management, you don’t have to use everything, of course.

Remember: Indigo grows with your success. Thus, in the first step, article maintenance can simply consist of entering article name, description, dimensions as well as price information. Later, you can expand this per item as needed by assigning colors, patterns, styles, or even material compositions and care symbols. If your customers require the transfer of article data in electronic format (e.g. as an “article passport”), then you are well prepared with the Indigo PDM module.

The PDM module offers a wide range of functionalities, which we present below.

Article base data


It always starts somewhere: Start with the simplest data, e.g. an article number and a designation. Then add a size grid – that’s it. You can then use the article in all other modules of the Indigo Fashion software. Whether in order entry or in merchandise management.


Colors & Patterns

Management, assignment

The article management makes it possible that for each of your fashion articles also color and pattern specifications can be deposited. For example, you can store RGB and Pantone color tones that will later become important for various reproduction techniques and reproductions. The assignment to simplified color worlds or themes (“red”, “green”, “light”, “dark”, “spring”) allows a comfortable and intuitive search for the sale of your products in online stores.

Collections and colors

Input, definition

Based on your color master, you can build your collections in different ways: One way is directly in the article master. Simply assign the different colors to the defined collections. Even if an article appears in different collections: in Indigo it is always the same article. This way you keep track of which collection the article has ever been in.

Further article attributes


Modern fashion software would be inconceivable without it: The PDM module provides you with all the options you need to enter article attributes in a simple, clear and structured way. In addition to descriptive texts, storage properties such as volume or weight can also be stored. For the preparation of online trade, you can also maintain appropriate keywords that will be important for the Internet texts.

By the way: If you already know that all descriptive texts are needed for international trade, you can already enter the translations here! This way, you have all the information about your articles in one central place, which other Indigo modules can access. Your customers will also benefit from being able to access the article data via the B2B portal. Simply great!

Article images

Upload, management

For each article you have created in the PDM module, you can upload or assign as many images as you like. A type management (“People”, “Details”, …) allows a meaningful categorization. In addition, you can indicate here for which advertising media a photo is primarily intended and should be used (e.g. online store, catalog, branches, email marketing). A free keyword assignment enables later intuitive retrieval via the search function. Of course, this image data can also be accessed by your customers via the B2B portal.

If you have connected external portals (Joor, Smartview,…) or an online store, you can specify in the image management exactly which image is to be used for.

Article dimensions

Management, assignment

The Indigo Fashion software is enormously flexible and adapts optimally to your needs. This includes the possibility of the PDM module to enter article dimensions: whether (international) sizes, colors, fits, lengths, widths – you determine which dimensions are suitable for the article using a template catalog. For special fashion items that cannot be represented using the standard templates, you simply create new ones. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Care symbols

Management, assignment

The PDM module of the Indigo Mode software comes with a library of the common care symbols and texts. In addition to the familiar images or icons in various sizes (for example, for declarations on the textiles themselves or for labeling in the online store), you also receive the usual textual descriptions in several languages. You can then simply add these Ginetex care symbols to your fabric library. This way, the care instructions will later appear automatically wherever they are needed.

Article Pass

Output, export

If your fashion retail partners want to transfer your article information into their own ERP system, there is now an easy way: Indigo provides several options for exchanging the data you have already entered with your customers. The output is either a data record or an attractively designed article passport. If you want to use the B2B portal, then your customers can also retrieve the data completely independently – and you simply continue to concentrate on the things that are important to you!

Parts lists

Acquisition, allocation

Indigo provides a comprehensive collection of substances and materials so that you can quickly and clearly store the substance and material composition for each of your articles. In addition, you can maintain manufacturer and manufacturer information (“Supplier longterm declaration”). Remember: What you store here once is available again in many other places – whether in the B2B portal, where your customers can download the data they need for further processing, or in your own processing, for example in the Indigo Online Shop – so the time you invest here pays off several times over.


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