After the pre-order has been completed, the quantity discussion takes place and with it the final determination of which articles will be produced in which quantities. With this quantity structure, you can request conditions and prices from your suppliers and store them in the Indigo Mode software for price comparison. Finally, in this purchasing module you control everything that has to do with procurement and deadline tracking – in a very comfortable and modern way.

Volume planning


Quantity planning with Excel is a thing of the past: Indigo optimally supports you in recording the actual customer demand for your fashion items. First, the quantities from the pre-order are displayed in aggregated form. Then you have the additional option here of using historical data to take into account quantity markups for the post-order and sales phases. In this way, your customers’ shelves always remain full – a good prerequisite for the best possible sales.



To enable you to quickly and uniformly query your suppliers’ conditions, the Indigo Mode software offers a really charming way to compare the different offers of your LIeferanten. You can already enter special requirements and ancillary conditions (for example, packaging or shipping instructions, assortment compositions, preparation instructions) that the manufacturers need to know for pricing. Perfect for anyone who wants to save time.


Acquisition, generation

Based on the received offers, the effective and binding orders to the suppliers are recorded and conveniently managed. Of course, you can output the information for forwarding to the manufacturers as a document in an attractive design. In preparation for liquidity monitoring, you can also already store and track the important parameters about the financing of the orders here. In this way, you can ensure that the financing for your orders is actually secured.

By the way: By means of corresponding backorder evaluations, you always know which supplier still owes you goods.

The software with the wow

Indigo Fashion Software