Online shop connection

Imagine what it would be like if you could easily sell all your fashion and clothing items online via the Internet. Indigo Fashion software easily connects to almost any online store. No matter if Shopify, Shopware or B2B portals like Tradebyte, JOOR or Smartview360. You simply determine the respective online collection and prices with Indigo – get started!



Indigo comes with a large set of connectors or “interfaces” to the most common store systems. In conjunction with price lists that define the articles and the PDM system, you define all the data for the respective playout. Finally, add the inventory – and you’re done. It can be as simple as that.

Inventory postings


The “return path” from the store is very simple: The moment a sale takes place, this is transmitted to Indigo. An automatic inventory posting follows, so that both inventory systems – the store’s and Indigo’s – always run synchronously. Goods receipts that have been posted to the store warehouse in the meantime are also automatically reported to the store system.

Made in Germany

Programmed from the ground up with heart