Enterprise Resource Planning

The inventory management module is very powerful, but due to the very well thought-out user guidance, it is not only perfectly usable in the enterprise environment:

You can use it to map all processes related to warehouse organization – and in the depth you need. For example, configure your own warehouse layout with just a few mouse clicks, print labels, create the storage and transport equipment used – and you’re done. If you as a company provide further processing services, customer-specific service catalogs can be created in this module.

Warehouse organization

Input, definition

Indigo also shows off its simplicity when it comes to warehouse organization: Whether you want to work with a single warehouse or with many different ones (e.g. incoming and outgoing warehouses, returns warehouse) – in any case, it remains simple.

Goods movements

Input, entry

On board, of course: whether feeding, transferring or withdrawing. In the same clever user guidance, Indigo allows even technical laymen to manage warehouse movements. If you run your own warehouse, you are also responsible for recording the goods movements and printing all the receipts yourself. Fortunately, we already thought of this when we developed Indigo: incoming delivery bills, picking and packing orders, recording delivery discrepancies.

Third-party storage


Above a certain company size, our customers usually use external partners who take care of the delivery of goods to end and B2B customers. If the warehousing services are provided for you by these third-party service providers, you control the warehouse operator via goods inward and outward notifications and goods inward and outward confirmations and thus maintain an overview of your inventory. Together with the sophisticated returns management, you can always answer your customer’s questions.



In Indigo, you can also map consignment and consignment warehouses to represent extended business concepts (for example, shop-in-shop, depot) and keep track of your inventory in customer warehouses.

External access

Input, output

External access by the logistics provider to this Indigo merchandise management module is also “on board”: In a secure area of Indigo, it is possible for documents such as delivery bills and packing orders to be created and issued directly by your logistics provider in your interest. This eliminates the need for data exchange between you and your logistics provider – an advantage because your logistics provider does not need to provide any additional IT infrastructure.


Merchandise management once simple

Fancy simple?