The Indigo Mode software also shows its strength in returns management: With the simple recording of returns, the returns process is mapped as efficiently as possible. From the conditions negotiated individually with the customers, to the returns acceptance and quality evaluation, to the commercially meaningful evaluations and finally the returns settlement with the customer – with the Indigo Returns module you receive the best possible support so that you can still generate maximum profit from the returns.

Return conditions


First of all, the Indigo Returns Module provides you with software support that allows you to document the returns conditions individually agreed with your customers: When should returns be delivered and where? What quality ratings have been agreed? How is billing done and are there – due to an agreed reclamation bonus – perhaps even blocking notes?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enter this once and Indigo would support you perfectly in all further steps and billing – and that’s exactly how it works!


Returns Avisation


Since returns are usually collected at the customer’s premises and not sent back to you as individual parts, your logistics partners must also be able to provide the corresponding capacities for collection, evaluation and recovery. Of course, this can only be done better (or at all) if the returns are notified to you. Here you can record the notifications of the various customers, consolidate them and use them again as a basis for logistics planning. In this way, you only book the capacities you really need for your logistics.

Quality ratings

Acceptance, storage

Based on the agreements with your customers, you can define which quality grades there can be for the returned goods (e.g. 1st choice, 2nd choice, rejects). In this way, you or your logistics provider can evaluate each return received using this scheme and collect the fashion goods accordingly.

Delivery value tracking

Evaluation, data retrieval

For correct billing and crediting of returned fashion items, it is important to track their effective delivery values. Of course, any discounts subsequently granted are also taken into account. This means that in the case of returns, no more is credited at the end than the customer was actually charged for the goods.

Returns accounting

Evaluation, document preparation

After the returned goods have been collected according to the quality classifications and the delivery values have been determined, you are now in a position to settle these returns with the customer. All credit notes or invoices that you hand over to the customer are thus based on the agreements with him as well as the recorded logistics data. A crucial point for correct, cent-accurate billing.


Simple as never

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