Often indispensable for the enterprise environment: data exchange via EDI messages (EDIFACT/EANCOM). Whether DESADV or SLSRPT, for example – here we can generate or process all message types in consultation with your customers.

The interesting thing is that the Indigo EDI system – unlike many other systems – does not require any additional converter software! This saves you money and even allows you to manually intervene in the processing flow of any incorrect data records, thus ensuring a delay-free settlement process.

In addition, all EDI messages remain in the system and are assigned to the corresponding transactions. This means that even weeks later you can view the complete EDI data exchange history and see what was exchanged with whom and when, or whether sales reports are still missing from certain customers.

EDI Partner


Simply ingenious: Even for EDI laymen, all data of your EDI partners can be entered easily understandable by yourself. Then the customers that are to be processed via this partner are assigned. Indigo already has the so-called mappings for EDI partners such as BTE on board.

EDI console


Via the EDI console you can see the data stream of incoming and outgoing data. Via the logbook you can see at any time who has received which data and when.

Export to Excel


Since EDI messages are machine-readable data, they can be a bit cryptic. This is not a problem for Indigo: every message can be converted to Excel!

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