B2B Portal

The Indigo Fashion software provides you and your customers with a business customer portal (also B2B or “Business to Business” portal). Via the customer administration, you simply activate your customers and, if required, their representatives for use and they can already log on to the portal via the Internet. You can delegate certain processes directly to the customer or have them used by your field staff directly at the customer.

With the B2B portal, the annoying entry of customer orders or pre-order orders via Excel, fax, etc. is no longer necessary: Already in the customer dialog you work in Indigo and so all order data is saved directly where it belongs. If your customers capture the data themselves, lean approval processes within Indigo enable fast further processing. This makes your company extremely productive and professional.

By the way: You also collect points with your customers by the fact that the entire order history can be viewed online and the customers are automatically informed by email depending on the order status. Simply clever!

The B2B portal offers a multitude of functionalities, which we present in the following.

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Order entry

Data entry


Here your customers can enter the orders themselves. The agreed conditions, as you have negotiated them with your customers, agreed and deposited them in Indigo, are automatically taken into account. The order is automatically calculated online and, if required, customers can download an order overview in PDF format. A real added value: Already here your customers are shown the stock situation for the various fashion articles in the form of a “traffic light display”.


Data entry


Within the Indigo B2B portal, your sales force or even the customer himself records the pre-order quantities required for each delivery date or article colour and size. The recorded order data is first checked for plausibility by your team and only further processed in Indigo after release. This guarantees a consistently high data quality that leads to the fastest possible and consistent order processing.


Input, acquisition


As with pre-order, you outsource part of the order or quantity entry to the customers: With the re-order entry, your customers have a very convenient option of ordering fashion articles directly. The entire process – similar to pre-ordering – can be moderated by your customer service and entered data can be released after verification.

Order history



Do you know this: The orders have been received and now the customers constantly want to know by phone or email what the status of their orders is. The Indigo B2B portal allows customers to log in directly via the Internet and view the entire order history. The detailed status is also displayed for each item. This saves you and your customers time in tracking orders.

Upload order lists

Upload, data transfer


Alternatively and in addition to the manual entry of individual orders, the Indigo B2B portal offers a great opportunity to process complete order lists. The idea: The customer prepares the order data clearly in Excel and uploads the entire, mostly extensive file to the Indigo B2B portal. The customer can add additional reference information (such as an order number, a cost center, etc.) – done! Once your customer service has checked and approved all data, the uploaded orders can be processed immediately in the Indigo Mode software or are already available in the various evaluations and quantity analyses. It can be that simple!

Customers information

Display, information dispatch


All your customers can decide for themselves whether they want to be informed about the order and delivery status of their orders. As a rule, customers are very interested in being informed by email about changes in the status of their orders. This principle is called the “push” principle, because information on orders is automatically “pushed” to the customers. In the customer area of the B2B portal, the type and frequency of messages (e.g. once a day, once a week) can be conveniently set. So your customers can decide for themselves what they want to see!

data retrieval

Display, data retrieval


The B2B portal offers your customers even more than order tracking: If you use the PDM (Product Data Management) module, you have the possibility to enrich your article information with various details: From detailed product descriptions to colours, patterns, styles, care instructions and photos. The great thing: Via the Indigo B2B portal, your customers can call up all this data in modern standard formats so that they can process it themselves (e.g. for import into their own Internet shop). Isn’t that great?