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Testimonial overview

In recent years, we have successfully implemented many exciting projects for a wide range of customers. We have asked many of them if we could advertise with them as a reference customer and a small statement.

Perhaps you will find yourself and your company in the statements below. If not, we will be happy to establish an individual contact to a reference customer. Then you can talk to this contact person in peace (and without us).

“It’s good to know that someone is always there: Mr. Radmann has been looking after us for years now – and is not only familiar with technical issues, but also with all topics related to billing.”

Carsten Randhahn,
Scoretex GmbH, Hamburg

“We have a lot of foreign support staff working in our warehouse, for whom program messages are helpful only in their language. INDIGO we could easily adapt”

Karin P.,
stellv. Abteilungsleiterin eines Logistikunternehmens,Hamburg.

“We have been looking for a really suitable software for handling our belt collection for a long time. With it, we can now handle even the most demanding processes many times faster – and that also impresses our business partners. “

Kerstin Wein,
Geschäftsführerin von UmjuBELT, Gürtel & Accessoires, Breitenberg

“Finally a software that fits our company size: Super easy to use, totally fast, gives us what we need – just great.”

Marie & Peter M.,
Betreiber eines kleinen Modelabels, Berlin

“As a managing director, I am primarily interested in the sales figures. Only if I know them can I make decisions. With INDIGO, I can see everything at the click of a mouse.”

Herbert G.,
Geschäftsführer eine mittelständischen Modebetriebs, Frankfurt/Main