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Indigo apparel software is a standard ERP system developed in collaboration with fashion experts. This means that the functions within the software perfectly match the processes in the clothing industry. Of course, every clothing company – depending on size and focus – works a little bit differently. To take this fact into account, we have built Indigo completely modular. This makes it possible to tailor this software for shoes, accessories and clothing perfectly to your needs. Right from the first meeting we find out what you value, which processes you want to support with Indigo – and thus which of our many clever Indigo modules you really need. We adapt Indigo exactly to your needs!

In the list below, we have compiled an overview of all the modules available in our ERP system. For each software module there is a page with detailed information. There you will even find the individual features or functions that a specific module offers you. Indigo Fashion Software is available in two basic versions: The Pro version is especially intended for companies that do not have their own complex IT infrastructure and are looking for flexible fashion and textile software. Companies with their own IT department, which can manage the Indigo server themselves, usually opt for the Enterprise version. For this reason, we have used the adjacent pictograms throughout to make it clear for which situation one or the other module and feature is designed as a matter of urgency. Remember: Indigo grows with your success! It is possible to switch to another version or to add modules while the system is running at any time.

Inform yourself at your leisure. If you still have any questions, need individual advice or if you would like to use the demo version of Indigo Fashion Software, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Pro Version

Fashion labels, fashion designers, fashion manufacturers


Fashion service provider, fashion wholesale, online trade

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Product data management (PDM)

PDM (Product Data Management) is the central article management module in Indigo Fashion Software. The data collected here is used again and again throughout the entire application: bb for creating catalogues, lookbooks, colour charts or providing data for your online shop or the B2B portal, for example. But don’t worry: even if you have a large number of entry options for article management at your disposal, you don’t have to use everything.

Remember: Indigo grows with your success. In the first step, article maintenance can simply consist of entering the article description, description, dimensions and price information. Later, you can extend this for each article as required by assigning colors, patterns, styles or even material compositions and maintenance symbols. If your customers require the transfer of article data in electronic format (e.g. as “article passport”), then you are well prepared with the Indigo PDM module.


Client management

May not be missing in any modern fashion software: As a basis for all further work steps and processes, the customer management module provides you with the most important options for managing your customer and delivery addresses. The principle: You create customer data, contact persons, locations and delivery addresses in one central location and use them again and again in the other Indigo modules.


Warehouse sale (stock order)

If you want to handle simple stock sales beyond the complex pre- and post-order processes, then the stock order module is just the right thing. Optimally designed for NOS articles, you will succeed in selling the stock goods without time-consuming sales planning.



With the pre-order module you organize the advance sale of your collection. During the collection presentation with your customers, the ordered quantities are documented here. This quantity structure can be adjusted at any time or compared with the notified goods receipts during the ordering process. This enables you to plan new released budgets with the customer due to delivery variances and thus ensure maximum sales. It doesn’t matter how large your sales team is or how many pieces your collection contains: The Indigo pre-order module is intuitive and fast, even with large amounts of data. In addition to data entry, you and your team can also use the “bestseller/bum” evaluations required for sales control.



Once your fashion articles have been ordered and delivered on schedule in accordance with the pre-order plus additional demand estimates, the aim of re-ordering is to enter orders or immediate orders and thus manage sales. This ensures that your current collection is sold (even during the sales phases). As a special trick, you can use the Indigo re-order module to ensure the sale of old goods and residual stock via alternative distribution channels. Do you perhaps run your own end customer shop on the Internet in parallel to your wholesale business? Or do you want to offer your products on common online trading portals? With Indigo, all this is child’s play: with various collection attributes, you can have items appear wherever you want – and thus optimize your sales even in the discount/red price phases.


Sales management

The optimal addition to Indigo customer management: After you have created the customer structures and addresses, sales management is all about maintaining individual conditions (such as payment or delivery terms). In addition – and especially important for the first sales phases – the client or customer logbook can document which sales activities there were for which customer. Appointment reminders, follow-ups and individual distribution lists – all these are functions that are a matter of course for modern fashion sales.


Sales planning

The question that drives every sales expert and every management: How many parts will we sell? Use Indigo’s sales planning module to plan sales for the next season or year. This allows you to have Indigo calculate all necessary capacities (production, logistics and financial capacities). This planning provides you with the basis for your calculations and the expected capital requirements. A great management tool that is indispensable for modern business management.


Merchandise management

The Merchandise Management module is very powerful, but due to its very well thought-out user guidance it can be used optimally not only in the enterprise environment:
This allows you to map all processes around the topic of warehouse organization – in the depth you need. For example, you can configure your own warehouse layout with just a few mouse clicks, print labels, create the storage and transport equipment used – and that’s it. If you as a company provide further processing services, customer-specific service catalogs can also be created in this module.
The output of all document types, i.e. from picking and packing orders to delivery and goods withdrawal notes, everything is included – it couldn’t be simpler, regardless of whether you operate your own warehouse or an external warehouse.


Allocation / Disposition

Depending on the customer priority (for example, according to the contractual agreements), the notified goods receipts and finally the goods actually delivered are distributed to the customer orders according to the pre-order. Thanks to this optimal preparation, your logistics processes are faster than ever and always hit the mark with customers.



Indigo Mode software also shows its strength in returns management: the simple recording of returns makes the returns process as efficient as possible. From the individually negotiated conditions with the customer, to the acceptance of returns and quality evaluation, to the economically sensible tracking of delivery values and finally the returns settlement with the customer – with the Indigo returns module you receive the best possible support, so that you can still generate a maximum profit from the returns.



After completion of the pre-order, the quantity is discussed and thus the final determination of which articles are produced in which quantities. With this quantity structure you can request the conditions and prices from your suppliers and store them in the Indigo Mode software for price comparison. In this purchasing module you finally control everything that has to do with procurement and deadline monitoring – in a very convenient and modern way.


EDI Messaging

Often indispensable for the enterprise environment: Data exchange via EDI messages (EDIFACT/EANCOM). Whether DESADV or SLSRPT – here we can generate or process all message types after consultation with your customers. The interesting thing: Unlike many other systems, the Indigo EDI system does not require any additional converter software! This saves you money and even allows you to manually intervene in the processing flow of any erroneous data records and thus ensure a processing process without delay. In addition, all EDI messages are retained in the system and assigned to the corresponding transactions. This allows you to view the complete EDI data exchange history weeks later and recognize when what was exchanged with whom or whether sales reports are still missing from certain customers.



If your company wants different employees with different nationalities to work on the same software, it would be great if everyone could see the user dialogs in their own language. This means fewer input errors and even complex processes can be communicated easily and reliably.


Online Shop

Imagine what it would be like if you could simply sell all your fashion items online via the Internet. The Indigo Fashion software can be easily connected to the Indigo Fashion online shop – a system that presents itself to the end customer in a modern and contemporary way (in the Enterprise version also with a completely individual design). For Pro customers we even offer the complete operation – from the production of the fashion article photography to the texting of the article texts. Even the most common payment methods (e.g. PayPal) are already integrated. And with Indigo you only determine the online collection and prices – get started!


B2B Portal

The Indigo Fashion software provides you and your customers with a business customer portal (also B2B or “Business to Business” portal). Via the customer administration, you simply activate your customers and, if required, their representatives for use and they can already log on to the portal via the Internet. You can delegate certain processes directly to the customer or have them used by your field staff directly at the customer.

With the B2B portal, the annoying entry of customer orders or pre-order orders via Excel, fax, etc. is no longer necessary: Already in the customer dialog you work in Indigo and so all order data is saved directly where it belongs. If your customers capture the data themselves, lean approval processes within Indigo enable fast further processing. This makes your company extremely productive and professional.

By the way: You also collect points with your customers by the fact that the entire order history can be viewed online and the customers are automatically informed by email depending on the order status. Simply clever!