Warehouse sale (stock order)

If you want to handle simple warehouse sales beyond the complex pre- and post-order processes, then the warehouse sales or stock order module is just the right thing. Optimally designed for NOS articles, you will succeed in selling the stock goods without time-consuming sales planning.

The stock order or stock purchase module consists of various functions, which we present to you below on this page.


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Order Entry

data entry


Order entry is quite simply based on the customer-item quantity principle. This allows you to document your orders quickly and clearly. Indigo offers you flexibility where you need it in this module. Additional conditions (such as special discounts) can of course be entered just as intuitively.




The stock order module delivers much more than just order entry: for optimum sales control, your current stock level is clearly displayed during entry. In this way, you can clearly show the development of the previous year and, if necessary, also use special conditions – control your sales in such a way that the goods are sold off with as few remaining stocks as possible. Maximum clarity automatically leads to maximum sales.

B2B Portal

Acquisition, data exchange, display


The business-to-business (B2B) or business customer portal makes order entry easier for you: Your customers can enter their orders themselves in a protected area. This saves you time and effort. Customers can also follow the progress of further processing (release, picking, delivery) via the B2B portal. In addition, you can independently call up released article and order information. This enables you to create efficient customer communication with minimum effort.