Sales planning

The question that drives every sales expert and every management: How many parts will we sell? Use Indigo’s sales planning module to plan sales for the next season or year. This allows you to have Indigo calculate all necessary capacities (production, logistics and financial capacities). This planning provides you with the basis for your calculations and the expected capital requirements. A great management tool that is indispensable for modern business management.

The sales planning module offers a variety of functionalities, which we present in the following.


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Previous yearobservation



Displays the actual sales based on past figures. Ideally, you reflect on the past in retrospect and compare the planned and actual figures with each other.

Planning sections

Planning, entry


Within sales planning with Indigo, you define your individual planning segments (for example, pre-orders, stock orders/stock sales, reorders, returns and markdowns). How to adapt Indigo to your processes – and not vice versa!




With liquidity planning, you have an excellent opportunity for business management management at your fingertips: Indigo automatically determines liquidity planning and calculates capital requirements from the planning data and the orders and data entered in the other modules (e.g. the pre-order)!