sales management

The optimal addition to Indigo customer management: After you have created the customer structures and addresses, sales management is all about maintaining individual conditions (such as payment or delivery terms). In addition – and especially important for the first sales phases – the client or customer logbook can document which sales activities there were for which customer. Appointment reminders, follow-ups and individual distribution lists – all these are functions that are a matter of course for modern fashion sales.

The sales management module offers a variety of functionalities, which we present in the following.


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Fashion labels, fashion designers, fashion manufacturers


Fashion service provider, fashion wholesale, online trade


Acquisition, input


With Indigo’s sales module, you can create the classic “condition sheet” for each customer in just a few steps: Article prices, price groups and calculations, terms of payment and delivery as well as other accounting modalities (invoice recipient, return conditions and encashment discounts). For paper lovers, all this can of course also be printed out in an appealing design.

Representatives settlements



In accordance with the requirements of the law governing commercial agents, Indigo offers you very convenient options for preparing agent statements. You can enter all data in simple and clear dialogs, starting with the entry of substitute master data, through the conditions and agreed settlement modalities to area and customer assignments. The settlements are then output according to the sales success on this basis. By the way: As in the customer administration module, all circumstances can also be historicized: If the underlying data changes, old settlements are still correct, of course.


Input, output


Indispensable for modern day-to-day sales – and sales success: Who discussed what with whom and when? What activities are derived from this? Who should be involved in which mailing campaign? These are all questions the Indigo sales module has the answers to. Depending on how consistently you want to use the possibilities, you can link this module with the task and appointment management of Outlook. Of course, all address data can be filtered cleverly (also by means of radius search) and exported in the usual formats (e.g. for newsletter actions in other systems).