Once your fashion articles have been ordered and delivered on schedule in accordance with the pre-order plus additional demand estimates, the aim of re-ordering is to enter orders or immediate orders and thus manage sales. This ensures that your current collection is sold (even during the sales phases).

As a special trick, you can use the Indigo re-order module to ensure the sale of old goods and residual stock via alternative distribution channels. Do you perhaps run your own end customer shop on the Internet in parallel to your wholesale business? Or do you want to offer your products on common online trading portals? With Indigo, all this is child’s play: with various collection attributes, you can have items appear wherever you want – and thus optimize your sales even in the discount/red price phases.

The re-order module offers a multitude of functionalities, which we present in the following.

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Order entry

Acquisition, input


In coordination with your sales department, you enter your orders very simply here: For each order, simply select the customer, the items and the desired quantity. Of course, you can grant ad hoc individually negotiated discounts or access the customer conditions of the “Sales” module.

Inventory tracking



Perfect inventory tracking is essential for sales control, discounts and special and one-time conditions: When you work with Indigo Fashion Software, you’ll see how everything flows together here and you can follow the inventory of your collection items in a visually appealing and clear way. The special: You can also show the previous year’s development/the sales figures of the customers here. A must for modern sales control.

B2B Portal

Acquisition, data retrieval


The Indigo Fashion software provides you and your customers with a business customer portal (also B2B or “Business to Business” portal). If desired, you can simply activate your customers for use via customer management and they can then log on to the portal via the Internet. You can delegate certain processes directly to the customer or have them used by your field staff directly at the customer. This eliminates the annoying entry of customer orders or pre- or post-order orders via Excel or manually by fax: Already in the customer dialog you work in Indigo and so all customer data is stored directly where it belongs. If your customers capture the data themselves, lean approval processes within Indigo enable fast further processing. This makes your company extremely productive and professional. By the way: You can also collect points from the customer by viewing the entire order history online and being automatically informed by email, depending on the customer’s order status. Simply clever!

Immediate orders

Input, acquisition


For all those who depend on fast and lean order processing processes: in the reorder module you can of course also map simplified planning processes. In just a few steps, you create a picking or packing order for your warehouse and process orders with just a few mouse clicks.