After completion of the pre-order, the quantity is discussed and thus the final determination of which articles are produced in which quantities. With this quantity structure you can request the conditions and prices from your suppliers and store them in the Indigo Mode software for price comparison. In this purchasing module you finally control everything that has to do with procurement and deadline monitoring – in a very convenient and modern way.

The purchasing module offers a multitude of functionalities, which we present in the following.


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Quantities planning

Data entry


Quantity planning with Excel is a thing of the past: Indigo supports you optimally in recording the actual customer requirements of your fashion articles. The quantities from the pre-order are first displayed in aggregated form. In this case, you also have the option of using historical data to take quantity markups for the reorder and sales phases into account. This keeps your customers’ shelves always full – a good prerequisite for the best possible sales.


Acquisition, production


So that you can quickly and uniformly check the conditions with your suppliers, the Indigo Fashion software offers a really charming possibility to generate price inquiries as email/PDF at the push of a button based on individual templates. Here you can enter special requirements and auxiliary conditions (for example, packaging or shipping instructions, assortment compositions, formatting instructions) that manufacturers need to know for pricing. Perfect for those who want to save time.

Offer compare

Acquisition, analysis


You can store the offers received in Indigo and enter any additional costs in addition to the basic prices (such as freight costs, preliminary costs, insurance costs). Currency conversions are automatic in Indigo, customs and import taxes are also displayed automatically. This makes it much easier for you to compare offers from different suppliers.

Purchase orders

Acquisition, production


Based on the offers received, the effective and binding orders to the suppliers are recorded and conveniently managed. Of course, you can output the information for forwarding to the manufacturer as a document in an appealing design. In preparation for liquidity monitoring, you can also store and track the important parameters for financing purchase orders here. This enables you to ensure that financing for your orders is actually guaranteed.

Shipping grid

Acquisition, evaluation


By triggering the purchase orders, you create a first basis for further delivery planning. This includes the ongoing tracking of the date of shipment and arrival as well as the tracking of documents usual for foreign trade (e.g. bill of laiding, copy docs). The punctual and proper compliance with the regulations leads to a reliable and immediate handling during the import of the fashion goods.