With the pre-order module you organize the advance sale of your collection. During the collection presentation with your customers, the ordered quantities are documented here. This quantity structure can be adjusted at any time or compared with the notified goods receipts during the ordering process. This enables you to plan new released budgets with the customer due to delivery variances and thus ensure maximum sales. It doesn’t matter how large your sales team is or how many pieces your collection contains: The Indigo pre-order module is intuitive and fast, even with large amounts of data. In addition to data entry, you and your team can also use the “bestseller/bum” evaluations required for sales control.

The pre-order module offers a multitude of functionalities, which we present in the following.


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Acquisition, input


In the pre-order module, you define the delivery cycle or delivery date grid. It does not matter whether the deliveries are subject to the seasonal cycle or whether you want to implement a monthly or even weekly grid. Delivery scheduling with the Indigo pre-order module is very intuitive and requires only a few entries: This results in sustainable and reliable planning – the best basis for a professional impression with your customers!


Data entry


Collection planning is the specification of the collection design that you have already stored in the PDM module. In this way you create your delivery programme for the coming season and determine which articles will be available in which colours and styles at which time. EANs can then also be generated in this module.

Condition planning

Data input


In addition to the conditions that have already been stored for customers in the customer module, extended, collection-related conditions can be stored (for example discount scales and/or special price lists). Indigo thus offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to responding to individual customer wishes or documenting negotiation results of the sales team.

Order entry



Order entry made easy: With the pre-order module you enable your sales team to take orders directly on the customer’s premises – either by laptop or tablet computer: Easily enter which articles are to be delivered to which delivery address for which customer and under which conditions. This allows you to keep an overview of many customers at all times and to optimally plan the subsequent processes.


Reporting, display


After you have entered your customers’ orders, order backlog tracking enables you to create current evaluations during ongoing processing: Which products in your collection are in good demand, which are less in good demand? Have you reached your sales targets? Which customer has which budget? Which projections result for sales and turnover from the underlying data? With the answers Indigo provides you can actively go to your customers and optimize your sales development.


Reporting, output


As part of collection management, the collection may be modified and adapted to the current pre-orders in consultation with sales and field staff. The changes to the original planning (sizes, price, colors, cancellations, additions) are displayed as field service information (for example, as an Excel list).

Field Serviceinformation



All changes to your collection planning resulting from pre-order orders must be incorporated into the delivery program. Conversely, your sales force now needs the current status: What price changes will result for the customers? Which colour changes are to be expected and which products will be completely removed from the collection due to small orders? Maintaining this data not only adapts the quantity structure. The field service immediately receives an overview of the changes that the customers need to be informed about. Your customers will thank you!




Decisive for every manager and the company management: If you consistently and simply record your pre-orders with the Indigo Fashion software, then the sales and expenditure planning should actually be derived very quickly. Thought correctly! Indigo calculates faster than you would calculate with Excel and shows you all figures that are important for the liquidity analysis of your company. This allows you not only to project sales expectations, but also to derive sales targets.


Planning and data entry


So that your retail customer’s shelves are always full: The results of the classic quantity review are also incorporated into the Indigo Mode software: If the quantity requirements of all your customers have been recorded via the various sales channels, you can of course define individual quantity surcharges at the end and thus close the pre-order with this final quantity planning.