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Imagine what it would be like if you could simply sell all your fashion and clothing items online via the Internet. The Indigo Fashion software can be easily connected to the Indigo online shop – a system that presents itself to the end customer in a modern and contemporary way (in the Enterprise version also with a completely individual design). For Pro customers we even offer the complete operation – from the production of the fashion article photography to the texting of the article texts. Even the most common payment methods (e.g. PayPal) are already integrated. And with Indigo you only determine the online collection and prices – get started!

The Indigo Online Shop offers a variety of functionalities, which we present below.


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Pro Version

Fashion labels, fashion designers, fashion manufacturers


Fashion service provider, fashion wholesale, online trade

Selection from preproduced designtemplates



Our Pro customers are grateful not to have to deal with the complete design: From a variety of attractive design templates you can choose the one that seems charming to you. We take care of the rest and adapt logos and document templates – that’s it! The shop is already available “live” on the Internet and for your end customers.

Own design

Konfiguration, Design


It is also possible to use your own design – even through your own web agency! Thanks to Indigo’s clever and contemporary design, anyone with a little HTML knowledge can access the Indigo Shop modules and the data is displayed the way you want it to be. Without having to familiarize yourself with a complex shop system, you can build up a new sales channel for your fashion and create shopping experiences tailored to your target group.


Acquisition, evaluation


  • Own payroll area and separation of General Ledger Accounting and ERP system
  • Exact processing of credit card statements to the cent
  • Integrated financial accounting as subledger accounting
  • Fraud prevention (“fraud protection”)
  • Quantity accounting as a securities account concept (Enterprise only)
  • Connection to the PDM module (e.g. article data, return of complaint reasons)
  • EDI connection to logistics
  • Dunning (email, PDF), multi-level