Merchandise management

The Merchandise Management module is very powerful, but due to its very well thought-out user guidance it can be used optimally not only in the enterprise environment:

This allows you to map all processes around the topic of warehouse organization – in the depth you need. For example, you can configure your own warehouse layout with just a few mouse clicks, print labels, create the storage and transport equipment used – and that’s it. If you as a company provide further processing services, customer-specific service catalogs can be created in this module.
The output of all document types, i.e. from picking and packing orders to delivery and goods withdrawal notes, everything is included – it couldn’t be simpler, regardless of whether you operate your own warehouse or an external warehouse.

The merchandise management module offers a multitude of functionalities, which we present in the following.

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Data entry


Mapping a warehouse structure in software can be quite complex. Not with Indigo: A step-by-step wizard for creating your warehouse structures is available in the inventory management module. The ability to print barcodes helps you to keep track of everything in your own warehouse. At the same time, you can manage transport and packaging materials and manage different storage types (for example, incoming and outgoing storage, returns storage). With Indigo, you can become a warehouse manager in just a few minutes.

Goods Movements (own warehouse)

Data entry


If you operate your own warehouse, you are also responsible for entering the goods movements and printing all documents. Luckily, we already thought of this when we developed Indigo: incoming delivery notes, picking and packing orders, recording delivery deviations – all this is of course also possible with your individual layouts including your logo.

Goods Movements (external warehouse)

Data input


If the warehouse services are provided by an external service provider for you, you control the warehouse operator via incoming and outgoing goods notifications and incoming and outgoing goods confirmations, thus maintaining an overview of your inventory. Together with the sophisticated returns management, you can always answer your customer’s questions.

Multi-storage / depots



In Indigo you can also map consignment and commission warehouses to map extended business concepts (e.g. shop-in-shop, depot) and keep track of your stocks in the customer warehouses.

External access

Input, display


With “on board” the external access by the logistician to this Indigo merchandise management module : In a secured area of Indigo it is possible that documents such as delivery notes and packing orders can be created and issued directly by your logistician in your interest. This eliminates the need for data exchange between you and your logistics provider – an advantage, as your logistics provider does not need to provide an additional IT infrastructure.

Electronic data exchange (EDI)

data transmission


Often indispensable for the enterprise environment: data exchange via EDI messages. Whether DESADV or SLSRPT – here we can generate or process all message types after consultation with your customers. The interesting thing: Unlike many other systems, the Indigo EDI system does not require any additional converter software! That saves you money. In addition, all EDI messages are retained in the system and assigned to the transactions. This allows you to view the complete EDI data exchange history weeks later and recognize when what was exchanged with whom.