Allocation / Disposition

Depending on the customer priority (for example, according to the contractual agreements), the notified goods receipts and finally the goods actually delivered are distributed to the customer orders according to the pre-order. Thanks to this optimal preparation, your logistics processes are faster than ever and always hit the mark with customers.

The Allocation module offers a variety of functionalities, which we present below.


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Fashion service provider, online trade

Shipping notifications

Entry, multi-level


Professionalism can always be seen where you can actively inform your customers and they have the feeling that you have all fashion processes under control: With the planned deliveries of the collection parts, which you receive for example by fax, e-mail or via electronic interface, you can only plan securely if you compare these with the actual orders. Transfer these shipping notifications to the Indigo software and get an overview of the deviations at the touch of a button. This makes it very easy to plan the goods and, if necessary, you can use this information to adjust the pre-order for your customers once again.


Planning, entry


Consequently, Indigo not only takes into account the comparison of the ordered fashion articles with your suppliers’ shipping notifications, but also provides you with opportunities to plan further logistics processes. Enter specific dates in coordination with your logistician (or your own logistics). This is the only way to determine the required logistical capacities and avoid bottlenecks. This results in a detailed, sustainable schedule for the stock-taking of the ordered fashion articles.


Data input, display


With Indigo’s pre-order module you have already taken up the quantities of the new collection desired by your customers. With this planning module, you can now easily divide up the delivered stocks based on the customer priorities defined (see Sales/Distribution) and plan them for delivery. This way your premium customers always get what they need.

Pre-order adjustments

Acquisition, reporting


The planning process has made it clear which of your customers can actually be supplied with the collection items ordered in the pre-order. With this clear comparison of target and actual, it is important for your sales department to enter into another dialogue with the customers and to actively inform them about the changes. Behind this is the opportunity to offer and supply alternative articles and to optimize sales with the adjusted pre-order – and last but not least to achieve the best for the customer.

Field Serviceinformation

Display, reporting


Of course, the sales force must also be informed about the adjustments to the pre-orders. On Indigo’s corresponding pages, which are intended for the sales force, all this information is presented in a compact and clear way. The sales force is what you expect from it: well informed. This is the only way to maintain a confident appearance in customer situations.

Immediate orders

Data entry


For all those who depend on fast and lean order processing processes: The Stockorder module represents the simplified disposition as it is lived in your company: In just a few steps, you create a picking or packing order for your warehouse and process orders with just a few mouse clicks.