Client management

May not be missing in any Mode ERP system: Customer management provides you with the most important options for managing your customer and delivery addresses as the basis for all further work steps and processes. The principle: You create customer data, contact persons, locations and delivery addresses in one central location and use them again and again in the other Indigo modules.

The customer management module offers a variety of functionalities, which we present in the following.


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Fashiondienstleister, Modegroßhandel, Onlinehandel


Acquisition, input


In the customer administration module you can enter much more than just address data: You know from practical experience: A customer not only has several contact persons, but usually also several delivery locations. Indigo shows its strength when different locations, departments and invoice recipients have to be stored. As complex as the structures may be, Indigo gives you the overview.
Since your customers’ structures or certain address constellations can change over time, all this data can be historicized. This means that all documents (delivery notes, etc.) and evaluations that you output are always correct and take into account the structure on the specified date.