The best ERP system for clothing, shoes and accessories:
With integrated PIM and PDM system

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Our ERP system for clothing

A completely new fashion ERP system for the apparel industry: Indigo Fashion Software is the optimal fashion ERP solution for all those who are professionally involved in the production of apparel. Indigo is a comprehensive, browser-based ERP system for the simplification and standardization of all processes for the production of shoes, accessories and clothing.

The integrated PDM system (product data management) has become an integral part of the modern management of your garments and collections. Increase the maturity of your data management – and thus the productivity of your company.

The integrated PIM system (product information management) also helps you to transfer your data to various systems (e.g. your online shop as well as your partners and customers). This PIM software is also adapted to the processes and data structure of the fashion and apparel industry.

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